Dear Fellow Time Travellers

I hope this finds you peacefully navigating the smooth, calm river of life. But if like most of us, you occasionally get stuck in the narrows or buffeted by whitewater rapids, I offer this book as an escape route—back to tranquil waters.

CoverI spent the first three decades of my life stuck in a narrow chute of social anxiety, with seemingly no outlets—my every move dictated by the fear and self-doubt that restricted my movements and informed every important decision. Ignite Your Dormant SuperPowers chronicles the steps I took to transform my life. Your conclusion, from listening to my story, will hopefully be: “If he can do that— transform from a highly functioning recluse with low self-esteem and a fear of human interaction into a confident, comfortable speaker/trainer/coach—I can do as much. I can finally create the life I’ve always imagined.”

We all began this journey beautiful, pristine blank slates—no fear, no limitations, overflowing with potential and wonder. So, what happens? What kind of butt-kicking does it take to transform confident, limitless children into fearful, unhappy, over-medicated adults? Why do our parents, teachers, friends, enemies, even complete strangers conspire to burst our bubble, kill off our dreams, strip us of our powers? The answer may surprise you.

Here is what I know for sure: You are much more powerful than you think you are. The lost powers you were born with are always with you, locked away in a cage of self-doubt. You have everything you need to unlock and re-engage those powers, your dormant SuperPowers. Allow me to help you fasten your cape and you’ll be flying in no time.   Click on the book to view paperback and e-book offerings at

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