Be Careful What you Say

“Be careful what you say, you might be listening.”  Steve Dickason (1949- we’ll see)

        If someone said this previously, I apologize for the plagiarism.


Ever wish you could predict the future? If the answer is yes, read on.


If you listen to the things you say to yourself, you will get a pretty good idea of where your life is headed. Self-talk is a very powerful form of visualization – one of the ways in which your conscious mind communicates with your subconscious.


Maxwell Maltz (Psycho-cybernetics) referred to the subconscious as a servo-mechanism, tasked with doing everything within its power to bring the world in line with our expectations. One of the ways we communicate expectations is through self-talk. Unfortunately, what we say does not always reflect what we want.


Self-talk is as likely to reflect our fears

as it is to reveal our dreams.


Example: You want to list a very expensive home that a neighbor tells you about to come on the market. But if your mind-chatter is saying: “I have no experience listing homes in that price range.” “I can’t compete with people who list expensive homes for a living.” you are unlikely to prevail or even make the attempt.


Negative self-talk can convince the subconscious to sabotage your efforts: you miss your listing appointment because you accidentally put it in the wrong time slot in your PDA, you get too sick to leave the house, you can’t find your car keys. There are a million ways to not do something and kid yourself that it’s not your fault. Obviously, self-talk can be dangerous: It can also be a powerful tool for growth.


When you detach yourself from self-talk and listen critically, you can predict your future. Better yet, you can control it. Years ago my wife, Cheryl, was a student of Silva Mind Control. She taught me the technique of saying “cancel, cancel” any time I notice negative mind chatter, and then replace the negative statements with positive ones, affirming the desired outcome.


To continue with the previous example, replace the fearful, disempowering beliefs with statements like: “People always respond positively to my marketing proposals” “I know I will do a better job for these sellers than any of my competitors.” “This listing is mine!”


Convinced of this new reality, your subconscious will provide the courage, time, energy and intuitive insights necessary to make it happen. At the presentation you will exude self-confidence, you will be truly present as you listen to the seller’s needs, respond with articulate, cogent and compelling reasons why they should hire you. And, you will have the courage to close for the listing, knowing that it is already yours.


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