Don’t Lose Your Seat on the Train

December definitely ranks as one of the most fun-filled months of the year!  Whether…for you…it’s the holidays, the many gatherings with friends and family, special trips, throwing snowballs to your Golden Retriever Maddie, the gift of giving, or more…fabulous memories are created in December that last a lifetime!

But…and there is always a “but”…a word of caution.  As you are in the midst of your shopping and socializing, be sure you don’t “give up your seat on the train”! 

As enchanting and enticing as the December events can be, if you pull out of “the market” 100% to participate in holiday gaiety…and “give up your seat on the train”…you know someone else will take your seat (there’s always someone “waiting”).  Of course, the train keeps going (it doesn’t stop for the holidays)…and, the risk to you is there may not be an empty seat when you are ready to “re-board”.

As you know, the market today is unbelievably active (let’s not hear any complaints).  Marin County Unsold Inventory is down to an amazingly low 3.6 (good news for sellers). Although, check my blog ( and you’ll see that some towns are more active than others. I am excited about the market we are in today (although it continues to be hard work)…and you should be too!  Remember, if you are excited, your clients will be excited…and that is a good thing!

So…The solution:  You need to do it all!  Love and enjoy the holidays, keep current on what’s happening in the marketplace, and hold a couple “open houses” so your clients can keep tabs on you and you can create additional client relationships that will prove fruitful in January and February. And, remember, this is a great time to contact all of your past clients with a holiday greeting.

I want to take this opportunity to wish each of you the very best holiday season ever!

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