The Good, the Bad and the Who Knows?

 There is an ancient parable that demonstrates the folly of judging any circumstance as good or bad – I’ll paraphrase:  

A man had two great treasures in his life: his son and his stallion. They both brought him great happiness. The man woke one morning to find that his stallion had run off. With half of his treasure gone, he fell into a deep despair. Later that day the horse came back and brought along with him a beautiful wild mare. The man was elated. The next day his son tried to ride the new mare but was thrown and broke his leg. The man was again distraught. Shortly thereafter, a war broke out and the soldiers came to the village to conscript young men into the army. All were taken but his son who could not go because of his broken leg. The man was overjoyed. The story goes on and on and on.

 This is a very valuable parable – good to remember the next time an escrow falls apart, you get a flat tire or your husband runs away with your best friend’s… daughter (I’ve been watching too many soap operas). 

 Every new event changes the course of our lives. Who are we to know if the new course is an improvement or not. The person with the flat tire might judge it as bad, get angry, curse the car and the fact that they will be late for work and miss an important meeting. But perhaps without the flat they would have left for work on time and been in just the right spot to be involved in a terrible accident.

 We never know where the path not taken would have led us.

So, how can we judge it better than the one we are on?

 We can, of course, but… remember the parable the next time you feel a judgment coming on. It might reduce the amount of time you spend in regret. Well worth the effort I think.

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