Dream a New Dream

Dream New

December is a great time to review what you accomplished during the current year and consider what you might accomplish in the year and years to come. Without this process, we tend to simply repeat history. That is, we continue with the same goals, the same actions and the same results.

Our discomfort with change can anesthetize us against thoughts of what we could accomplish if we just dreamt a new dream, set a new goal. We are all capable of amazing things, much more than we can possibly know while sufficiently anesthetized. So, the first step toward building an exciting, adventurous, prosperous and gratifying new life is to embrace change. But just talking about it is not enough. Becoming comfortable with change requires a plan. Don’t just wait for changes to happen and then remember to embrace them—make change a part of your daily life. Take a different route to the office each day, try foods you thought you’d never eat, change your wardrobe, your hair. Notice your unconscious habits and vary your actions. If you go to bed the same time each night, change it up. Shop at a new grocery store. Drive on the wrong side of the road (actually, forget that—bad idea). But you get the point. The more you begin to enjoy change the freer your mind will be to dream new dreams, to imagine a brighter, happier future. It is all within your grasp once you clear out the obstructions and open yourself to the world of possibilities.

One Response to Dream a New Dream

  1. Maria A says:

    Thank you for the post … I plan on doing the thing that I kept on saying I was going to do in 2013…. I am going make sure I do it in 2014… I kept putting it off because I am nervous about doing it… But this is the year I have to embrace change!

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