Mediocrity is Like Gravity

LIfe is GoodThe world is overrun with people living mediocre lives, just getting by (or not), and mediocrity is like gravity – it attempts to pull down everyone it encounters. Just listen to some of the banter between check-out clerks and customers at your local grocery store.

Clerk: “How you doing?”

Customer: “You know, different day, same shit,” or “Fine, but it’s still morning, give it time,” or simply, “Don’t ask.”

Since my awareness became focused on these shared-misery conversations, I’ve made a habit of answering the clerk’s query with something like, “Just great. How are you?” I’ll usually get a slightly confused, non-committal response like, “fine.” Sometimes nothing, like my excited, positive response does not even register it is so unexpected – now that’s sad. Occasionally, though, the clerk will look up and beam, “You know, I’m pretty great myself.” Good to note that:

Excited, positive attitudes are just as contagious as grumpy ones.

I now challenge myself to positively affect at least one person each day. It is a precious gift to them, to me, is easy to do and feels great! Make a commitment make at least one stranger smile today: you can thank me later.

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