The Necessity and Joy of FEAR

Fear Here’s some good news: You don’t have to conquer, avoid, eliminate or defeat fear! Just learn when and how to use it to enhance and expand your quality of life.

Fear is not a real thing; it doesn’t exist in nature. It is you. It is your way of protecting yourself when you’ve decided you need protection. No more than that!

Fear is the signpost we plant to block our entry to any place we believe we cannot or should not go: STOP! DANGER!! Keep out! Attack Cat! Trespassers shall be arrested, reported, towed, shot, fined and eaten! Big cat! Fear alerts us whenever we’re about to travel from the known to the unknown. It is a by-product of our beliefs—an enforcement tool we utilize whenever our subconscious finds a conflict between what we believe and what we encounter in the “real world.” It is the wall we construct that blocks access to any place, person or situation that is outside of our self-constructed, limiting comfort zone.

There is no such phenomenon in the universe except within our imaginations. So, stop thinking of fear as a big, dark monster lurking around every corner.

If I believe that I am a great swimmer, will I feel fear at the prospect of getting into a friend’s backyard pool? Of course not. But if I firmly believe that I cannot swim, that I will sink like a rock in any water deeper than 5’8” (my height), you can bet I am going to conjure up a fear response to keep my body on dry land. My fear of swimming protects and perpetuates the belief that I cannot swim—a belief I was given by my dad who told my brother and me that the men in our family have some rare “specific gravity” that causes us to sink rather than float. I think that means we’re dense. That was, of course, crap—my dad’s way of rationalizing his fear of water. But, I was a kid, he was my dad—so I don’t swim.

Some fears keep you safe, like the fear of growling dogs. Others motivate you, like fear of poverty. These fear markers keep you moving safely along your life path. Some fears, however, restrict life unnecessarily. They don’t facilitate progress as much as they impede. While my fear of water protects my old belief that I can’t swim, that belief is based on bad information. This fear-block is preventing me from enjoying the water—swimming, snorkeling, scuba, time with friends. If I modify the belief that I can’t swim, create and absorb affirmations that I am a great swimmer, perhaps take some lessons, I can retire that fear-response.

The planet doesn’t care whether you spend your life in fear, worry, and debt, or in harmony, love and prosperity. In the end, it will take back your molecules and energy whether you had a happy, loving life or one of suffering. Taking your licks doesn’t even buy you an extra hour on the planet. No points for martyrdom. May as well be happy and relatively free of fear. It is your choice!

If you think you would prefer peace and joy over suffering in fear, when will you make that choice? When will your actions reflect that choice? What are you waiting for?

To learn more about controlling fear (rather than the other way around), check out Chapter 3 in my new book, Ignite Your Dormant SuperPowers, available soon in bookstores and on

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