Who is Steering Your Boat

Steering BoatGoogle personal responsibility and you will find a variety of definitions, most of which appear to be synonymous with blame

“You have to take responsibility for your mess!” Assigning responsibility, however, is not the same as blame. Blame is a judgment after the fact, a witch hunt, the pointing of fingers. Taking responsibility is a way of approaching life. Whether or not you are taking responsibility for your experiences during this lifetime can be determined by answering one simple question: Who is steering my boat?

Victims might say that the current location and condition of their boat is the result of a strong wind, the changing tides, or perhaps being sideswiped by someone else’s boat. They believe their experiences are the result of external causes—people and circumstances beyond their control.

Self-directed people would acknowledge the wind, the tide and the errant boat, but attribute the location and condition of the boat to how they chose to turn the wheel, rig the sails, and respond to threats like swerving to avoid an imminent collision. They know that their experience is based on their response to what they observe in the world—not the object of their observation.

By accepting responsibility for your life up to now, you empower yourself to  mold  your life going forward.

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