When the Teacher is Ready…

When the Teacher is Ready…YodaYou are not alone. When you choose a life of intentional growth, there are teachers everywhere to help you in your quest. Dan Milman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior, wrote: “Master teachers are found not only on lonely mountaintops or ashrams in the East. Our teachers take the form of friends and adversaries, of clouds, animals, wind, and water.”

When we ask, our teachers reveal all we need to know. The question is: Are you paying attention? We call our teachers by our need to learn and grow. Since we are not always conscious of the fact that we’re calling, we may miss a message. But don’t worry.  If they elude you at first, they will be back, and they’ll keep coming back until you finally hear. I wrote this display quote for Blood of the Dragon:

There is nothing more persistent than life’s lessons demanding to be learned—subtle at first, gentle waves languishing up the sands of status quo to kiss the tips of indifferent toes, then receding into the infinite ocean of ideas.

Unheeded, lessons will be revealed again and again, with growing intensity: awakening splashes against your ankles, then jolting soaks up to the knees.

One day, as you’re walking peacefully along the beach, the lessons you must learn rise up and knock you off your feet with the ferocity of tidal waves.

This is not some mystical mumbo-jumbo. Everything you need to live a blissful, loving, peaceful and productive life is all around you. Teachers appear because your senses become attuned to their message. Unlike many self-help teachers, I don’t believe that we mystically attract our teachers out of the ether—they are already in our midst. We don’t recognize them until the need arises and we outwardly communicate it.

I’m not just talking about spiritual growth. If you want to learn how to sing, your senses will become tuned to any source of information that will help you in this quest. You may never have been aware of any voice teachers in your area. But as soon as you decide to become a singer, you run into a voice coach at your daughter’s basketball game or read an article about a local teacher. If you had no intention of singing, the voice coach would still be at the game, and the article would still be in the paper; you just wouldn’t have any reason to notice them.

How should you go about calling your teachers?

Become more intentional about growth. Focus on the need for guidance, inspiration, ideas, and you open your perception to the lessons you need. A low-volume conversation in the next aisle at a grocery store will bypass your awareness altogether. However, if you are looking for a nanny, and a person in the next checkout aisle is talking about how sad the family is because they can no longer afford their great nanny, your perception is drawn to this conversation.

You direct the focus of your perception by recognizing what it is you want. Write it down. Create a vision board and hang it somewhere where you can see it every day. Focus on where you want to be, and the path will be revealed. To view the path, you must open your awareness—watch for it.

Expect to receive help—look for it in seemingly unrelated places—and you will find everything you need for your life.

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