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More than ever, Sellers and Buyers want to understand the state of the real estate market before taking action. Is it a good time to Sell? Buy? Are interest rates going up or down? Will prices continue to climb? Is another bubble or recession heading our way? And, you are the one they turn to for answers.

It is easy to get started:

  1. Sign up for a free MailChimp account ( Click “Sign Up For Free” at the top of the page and complete the simple process. Next, you will need to upload your client database to MailChimp. This is easy to do. If you need help, drop me an email.
  2. Set-up: Send me your masthead (2X8 works well). For example:MastheadIf you need help designing your masthead, I can give you a hand. This could be your personal logo, your company logo, a combination of the two or whatever you wish (But you might want to check with your company about their policies regarding visibility of the company name). Or you can just use the thematic masthead I design each month. I will also set-up your contact information – which will require you sending me a jpeg photo of yourself, email, phone, website, DRE#, etc.
  3. Each month you will receive a reminder that the new Monthly Message will arrive soon in your MailChimp account as a Template. At that time, you can open your update and add any additional content: New listing information with text and a jpeg photo of the property, homeownership tips, a personal message to your clients, etc. When you are happy with your newsletter, save and close. You will be sent back to the TEMPLATES page. To the right of the icon of your letter, click the down arrow and select “Create Campaign.” On the page that opens, select your database, indicate who is sending the email, type a subject line and press SEND. It is a very user-friendly site, but email me if you have any problems.
  4. The credit card you give to PayPal, or your PayPal account, if you have one, will be charged $39 per month until you cancel your subscription (without penalty).
  5. To set up your account, press the “Buy Now” button and follow the simple instructions. Sign up here for a monthly subscription (which you can cancel at any time). Just press the button, and you will be sent straight to PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, press “Log In.” If you don’t have an account, click “Credit or Debit Card.”  Happy farming!

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